Monday, March 8, 2010

Blog Ambition

I've read some blogs. Hell, I've watched Julie & Julia. Twice. But I have never written one, so its my distinct pleasure to venture into the "blog zone"! Hello, people. Many of you whom I've met know I moved here in November. I reunited with friends who are transplants from my hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and am making new pals all the time. Moving here wasn't easy. Actually, it was very difficult. I guess the best things in life usually are (awww, look at me waxing philosophical). I am trying to recall meeting anyone who is actually from Los Angeles...still recalling...and, nope. I think its a really cool aspect of L.A. Most people aren't from here. If you happen to be born and bred here, it's no slam against you. I only bring up the diversity of hometowns to illustrate how brave our asses were to do this. I know I've only been here awhile, I'm sure this feeling will wear off. But for now I'm constantly trying new things, going new places, meeting new people. I'm going to attempt to keep the momentum up. So I go to, and/or play, in every show I can. I urge you, gentle reader (bite off of Ann Landers) to do the same! Go to see live theater in any form! Check out the improv jams around town. Why not do stuff like you just got here, too? I'm writing this blog for the next six weeks, and although it may not be in my comfort zone, it's something new and I'm glad to try. See you next week. Jaime xo

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