Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too much of a good thing...

Chad Biagini
Student Blogger

...isn't always a good thing. Riding on the coattails of last week, I decided today's best approach is to forewarn all of you "Yes, and..." Zealots on the dangers of always agreeing and heightening when off the stage. While "Yes, and-ing" is a wonderful addition to your life, there ARE indeed times, albeit rare, when it wouldn't necessarily be beneficial and you should probably just say "NO!"

Take these EVERYDAY occurrences for example:

Your wife asks you if she looks fat in her jeans. SAY NO! However, you agree, which makes her more insecure, and - because you're so generous with your tongue - you remind her that you have been trying for months to get her to sign up for Tae Bo (which we all know is what most UFC fighters train in.) As a result, she's giving you the silent treatment, and you now have to skip out on poker night in order to try to patch up that hole you put in her self esteem.

You're running a little bit late for a meeting, because that fail-safe trick of turning all of your clocks forward 10 minutes still isn't working, so you decide that the posted speed limit sign is just a suggestion. It's not. And now you've gotten pulled over by that "serve and protect" guy. When he asks if you knew you were speeding, JUST SAY NO! I'd say it isn't wise to respond by telling him you did know and that if he thinks that's bad, he should see the hog-tied body you have in your trunk... Probably wasn't a good time to abide by Improv For Dummies (Not a real book. I call dibs on the title.)

You are on a casual stroll in space and some martian bullies come up to you in a black hole and ask if you want to be probed. PLEASE SAY NO! But, once again, you decide to agree and now you're left as a single parent, trying to raise an inter-species baby in a galaxy where you already didn't fit in. Oh, and good luck trying to collect alimony from an alien. They're the worst.

Your friends invite you over to watch The Bachelor. NO!

Anyone want McDonalds for lunch? NO!

TSA asks if you have any firearms on your person. NO!

That's all for now. Just think before you act. Yeah...that's where I was getting at.

Chaddy B

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