Monday, August 9, 2010

"This is Your Life"

By Andrew Bukstein
Writing 1
Friday 11am - 2:30pm

Here is a piece I wrote in class today. It was a monologue for the game-show, "This is Your Life." Today's contestant is Tyler Kennedy - and the Mystery Guest is his 'escaped pet bird', speaking from behind a screen, revealing only a silhouette of the bird in his cage.


Chirp chirp chirp, tweet tweet. Those were the only 2 English words I knew. Until one fateful day - July 29th 1939. The War was raging in Europe. America was still waiting. Just like I was peacefully waiting in my cage. Hanging upside-down like David Carradine, when suddenly I saw Tyler Kennedy walk through "Peter's Pretty Pet Shop". He wanted a friend, he wanted a canary; he wanted me. And for only seventeen cents, he took me and my home into HIS home; OUR home. Tyler used to love it when I would perch on his round and stubby finger. I was so happy perching that I would burst into song, (tweet tweet tweet!) We shared a lovely life together for eleven years, six months and fifteen days. Then one day, Tyler came home with a small grey kitten. I took one look into the kitten's lightening-green eyes and knew that if I was to stay, surely this creature would be my demise. Heart-broken but fearing for my life, I packed what I could fit of my things in to my little red suitcase and flew away to Mexico that night. I never forgot Tyler and always hoped that the kitten would leave so I could return...

I'm sorry, I am just so overwhelmed by emotions right now...

He taught me how to talk - he taught me to love and for that I will always be grateful.

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